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Top marketing teams trust Marksmen to investigate, acquire and protect their valuable brand assets. From feasibility to launch to ongoing brand monitoring, Marksmen makes you the rock star.

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Know All Your Brand Options

Have a great branding idea that might have been used by another company? No problem! Marksmen investigations discreetly gather all the facts so you can make fully-informed decisions. We investigate trademarks, products, domain names or anything you need to launch your next product or campaign.

On-Site Investigations

We Are Your
Global Eyes And Ears

Need real-time intelligence on a covert group that is counterfeiting your brand? Difficulties with a rogue franchisee? No problem. Our local assets can be your eyes and ears anywhere, any time. In short order, we’ll give you the intelligence you need to take appropriate action.

Anonymous IP Acquisitions
IP Acquisitions

Ready, Set, Launch!

Looking for a successful product or service launch? Our professionals can quickly and affordably secure the IP you need. Whether it be trademarks, domain names, social media handles, or any other intangible, we’ve got you covered. Your launch is safe with Marksmen on your side!

Discreet Purchases

Get The Goods

Marksmen discreetly conducts product and service purchases in person or online. We fully document the buying experience in a detailed report and send you what we receive, allowing you to take decisive action to protect your brand.

Brand Monitoring

Keep the Sharpest Eye on Trademark, Owners, Companies and Domain Names.

Do your clients have an ongoing brand protection concerns? Marksmen now exclusively offers Fovea IP trademark, owner, company name, and domain name monitoring services — a cost-effective way to keep a constant, watchful eye on your clients' brands.

We came to Marksmen with a domain acquisition and a very strict deadline. They delivered on-time and kept our team informed of the acquisition status throughout the entire process. After the success of that acquisition, we knew we could trust Marksmen.

Marissa — Head of Marketing

Major Technology Firm

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