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How are your cases priced?

Pricing is based on your scope of work, target location, turnaround time, etc. Just let us know what you need and we’ll quickly send you a quote for your review and approval.

What do your reports consist of?

Our reports are directed by the requirements you set and information you need us to secure. We detail our research, investigative actions, findings, and any conversations with the targets. You can set the requirements for the amount of detail you want to receive. We always include an executive summary.

Do you offer international investigations?

Yes, we do! We cover almost every area in the world.

What are the turnaround time options I have?
  1. Use Reports – standard turnaround time is 5 business days.
  2. Onsite investigations – standard turnaround time is 10 business days. We often complete them sooner.
  3. Product purchases – we can place an order ASAP, but we’re at the mercy of the shipper for product delivery.
  4. Urgent need? We offer same day, next day, 2 and 3 day rush options.
What’s the difference between a slogan/tagline/logo case and a one word mark case?

Investigating the use of a designed logo or a tagline requires more investigation time than a word mark.

No brand protection firm has more investigative moxie than Marksmen.
On-site Investigations

On-site Investigations

What locations do you offer on-site service?

We cover almost every area in the world, but do not provide on-site investigations in certain locations such as Cuba, North Korea, Iran or the North Pole. Military bases are off limits too.

What is the turnaround time for on-sites?

The standard turnaround time for an on-site investigation is 10 business days, but we often finish them sooner than that. As soon as the work is complete we’ll send you the report.

Will you sign a declaration for our on-site investigation?

Yes, however there is some legal jargon that you need to agree to before we can start the work. The normal stuff.

How do you price the hourly investigations?

This depends on the location of the on-site, the scope of work for the on-site and the proximity of your work to one of our in-country assets. Over the years we have developed a network of in-country assets to keep international costs low.

Where can you go/not go for an on-site investigation?

Onsites can be tricky! Before we can begin an on-site investigation there are certain things we need to know, such as: location accessibility, operating hours, public access, etc.

Marksmen has conducted on-site investigations in over 100 countries.
IP Acquisitions

IP Acquisitions

How do you handle the transfer of a trademark acquisition anonymously?

We keep you involved as we go through the agreement negotiation and structure our acquisition agreements to allow for the direct (yet anonymous) transfer of the mark from the original owner (assignor) to the you (assignee) once the purchase agreement is signed and the transaction has been funded through escrow. As your agent, we will ONLY sign a purchase agreement AFTER you have reviewed the final agreement and given us your written approval to do so. How we accomplish the transfer while keeping client anonymity is part of what makes us special.

Are you familiar with local laws around CCTLD’s?

We have years of experience with acquiring and working with international domain names. If we don’t have an answer we find it.

How do you handle social media cases?

With care. In all seriousness, these cases require a skilled negotiator with strong relationship skills and transfer process experience—just like domain name acquisitions. The big difference is that for social media handles, we need to track down the owner and educate them about the transfer process, which is often a foreign concept to them. Our reputation and experience help when it comes to credibility with social media handle owners. We use an escrow service to ensure the transition is smooth and without issue or concern for either side.

Do you provide valuations?

No, we don’t provide valuations. 

Do you also sell domains? If not, can you refer me to someone reputable who does?

We do not sell domains. There are many domain auction providers and brokers. We do not have any recommendations.

Marksmen acquires intellectual property anonymously and affordably.
Discreet Purchases

Discreet Purchases

Can you make purchases for me anonymously?

Yes! These cases are billed at an hourly rate for the actual time spent. You can choose how much or as little detail and investigative work you want completed and documented in the report, which affects the case time.

Will you sign a declaration/affidavit for our product purchase?

Yes, however there is some legal jargon that you need to agree to before we can start the work. The normal stuff.

What is included in my hourly rate for product purchases?

We normally document the ordering process, take photos of the product packaging, photograph the contents, and document the shipping of the item from us to your location. If you need us to complete a purchase in person, we will document our interactions with any personnel and provide supporting photographs for the transaction. We can also do research on the shipper if you’d like. We do not make audio or video recordings of our purchase interactions.

What if I don’t need everything documented, and I simply want a purchase. Does that change the price?

Yes, that substantially reduces the time involved. Contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

What is the dollar threshold for products that require upfront payment?

We set up purchase retainers for ongoing work or require advance payment for purchases totaling more than $500 (must be a current customer with an on-time payment history). New customers require advance payment or a retainer.

Need actionable intelligence on counterfeit goods and competitor products?


How does this report benefit me?

Clients may have needs that require ongoing monitoring and research. Examples of how Research is used include: monitoring unauthorized use of a brand, locating leaked information, industry analysis, patent infringement monitoring, competitive analysis, etc. Research reports can also help determine generic use of terms in an industry or geographic area. 

Can I see a sample of the report?

Each report is customized to scope and requirements of the client. All reports are confidential. For beginning clients, we often recommend starting with a small-scale trial and adjusting the scope, based on feedback.

What geographic areas can be searched for the research report?

Research reports can be performed for any areas of the world.

What types of items can be searched? Products only?

We can research products, slogans, logos, trademarks, and more. Our research is targeted within gated content areas, websites, social media, databases, mobile applications, and other platforms.

What is the typical turnaround time for this report?

This depends on the scope of the work, but we usually ask for at least 10 business days to complete the report. Most clients have a recurring report schedule of either monthly or quarterly.  

How frequently should I order this report?

As frequently or infrequently as you see fit. Typically, the first report you receive will help you to establish the frequency. 

Our research blends new technologies with old school due diligence.

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