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Trademark investigations typically fall into one of three buckets: trademark in-use investigationstrademark infringement investigations or counterfeit investigations. Marksmen covers them all and then some. Our team of licensed private investigators specialize in intellectual property investigations, including domain names and patents, with extensive experience focused on trademarks.

Beyond our trademark investigation expertise, we offer a quiver full of valuable features:

Business/Individual Profiles

Want to monitor the competition or see how deep an opponent’s pockets might be? Marksmen can search specific databases for corporate information including bankruptcies, liens, judgments, court filings and asset searches.

People Locate/Skip-Trace

Need to locate a witness or bad guy? Through access to proprietary databases, combined with old-fashioned “gumshoe” diligence, we find trademark owners, domain name registrants, inventors, former employees, experts and infringers worldwide.

Translation Services

Someone causing trouble on the other side of the world? No problem. Marksmen’s intellectual property investigations team uses real-time translators (covering 200+ languages) to assist with cross-cultural communication issues in conducting international investigations.

Rush Delivery Available

Need your trademark in-use investigations, trademark infringement investigations, or other IP investigations done yesterday? One, Two and Three-day priority turnaround times are available for all of our investigations.