The Marksmen IP Spa is Back!

Photo: ArtFAmily / Shutterstock, Inc.

Photo: ArtFAmily / Shutterstock, Inc.

Nearly 10,000 of us are gathering in Orlando to immediately find ourselves at the epicenter of a force five IP hurricane cocktail party.

Welcome to the INTA Annual Meeting, aka the busiest days of your year. In short order, various parts of your body — your head, stomach, lower back, legs and feet will no longer wish to be part of your corporeal self.

Thats why we’re bringing back… THE MARKSMEN IP SPA!

Imagine a place where you can step out of the madness, put your dogs up, grab a pain reliever, calm that stomach, bandage that heel, and get a soothing chair massage – all in the health-inducing atmosphere of solving your IP issues. That’s the Marksmen IP Spa.

So come find us in the OCCC exhibition hall. We’ll be open for business and pleasure Sunday, May 22 through Wednesday, May 25 at booths 1021, 1023 and 1025.

Come find your Zen with Marksmen.

The Intellectual Property experts at Marksmen provide discreet, confidential and relentless IP (trademarkdomain name and patent) investigations, acquisitions, sales and enterprise domain name management services for all businesses, small and Fortune 500.  Contact us today to learn more about our services.