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Customized. Cost Effective. Blending new technologies with old school due diligence. No other company brings the investigative moxie of Marksmen to brand research and monitoring.

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How Clients Use Marksmen Research

Marksmen research reports can be easily customized to fit the target needs of any client. The following are a few of the many ways our research reports are used by clients:

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis

General Clearance

General Clearance

Market Research

Market Research

Quantification of Issues

Quantification of Issues

Anti Counterfeiting



Monitoring Unauthorized Use

Locate Leaked Information

Locate Leaked Information

Preemptive Issue Identification

Preemptive Issue Identification

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

What We Research

Marksmen Research Analysts use specialized search aggregation systems and direct search algorithms and proprietary methods to locate electronic content of any type, such as:


  • Images/videos
  • Audio/music
  • Presentations


  • Applications
  • PDF documents
  • Executable files

Web Content

Web Content
  • User Experience
  • Traffic Diversion
  • Fraudulent sites


  • Modified brands
  • Infringing products
  • Counterfeit goods

Where We Search

Clients engage Marksmen Research to monitor modified brands, counterfeit goods, domains, images and virtually any other Intellectually property across multiple platforms.

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Who Uses Marksmen Research?

Marksmen Research reports can be easily customized to fit the target needs of any client. Following are a few of the many types of clients who use our research reports:


Outside Legal

Outside Legal


Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency

Set Your Own Budget

Marksmen research reports can be as broad or as focused as you like. Our research is billed hourly. With every Marksmen research project, you establish the budget or set the spending limit and we stick to it. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anatomy Of A Research Project

We take the following steps  to ensure every Marksmen research project leads to an accurate, actionable body of work.

Let’s Have A Conversation.

First, let’s talk to make sure we completely understand the situation, the information you need, and how frequently you want it delivered. Our focus is to gather actionable intelligence that gets to the heart of the matter while avoiding “noise” that can show up in competitor reports.

The Research Phase.

Next, our analysts use investigative tools to scour relevant websites, records, databases, archives and systems to gather the relevant information and curate the findings to extract meaningful information “hits” and analyze them further.

The Research Report.

Once we’ve compiled and analyzed the information you need, we wrap it up in a highly customized report that is styled to follow your exact needs. No two reports follow the same style. Some clients have us create slides for use in their presentations, whereas others choose documents or spreadsheets or other formats. The choice is yours.

Meet, and Repeat As Needed.

If desired, your Marksmen research analyst will personally speak with you to discuss the findings and answer any questions. Most of our clients choose regular report intervals ranging from weekly to quarterly.

A Little Research Goes A Long Way

Before you put our investigative research and reporting to work for your business, it only seems fitting you examine what others are saying about ours.

"Marksmen hits the mark! Good service, good results, reasonable prices."

Everett F. — Trademark Group Practice Leader
IP Law Firm

"Excellent report—timely, professional, and gave us the information we needed. Thanks!!"

Lori B. — Director, Global IP
Multinational Brewing Company

"Marksmen is my go-to resource for in-use trademark investigations and domain name acquisitions. Their concise reports are very easy to review and discuss with our clients."

Adam R. — Partner/Trademark Attorney
Intellectual Property Law Firm

"Over the course of many years, Marksmen has consistently provided us with a level of responsiveness and creativity that has served our clients well."

David P. — Partner, IP & Technology
Am Law 100 firm

"The report was thorough, well-written, and provides the solid grounds we need for instructing our client. A spectacular example of the value of using Marksmen."

Bob C. — Partner
Corporate Law Firm

"Marksmen was extremely responsive upon placing my request. I felt the investigative report was well-structured and thorough."

Ann W. — Trademark Group Chair
International Business Law Firm

"I have used Marksmen for years—they are my go-to resource. Their work is comprehensive, and their reports routinely help in counseling our clients how best to proceed."

Bill B. — Partner
Am Law 100 Firm

Your Request Becomes Our Quest

Need to complete that nagging research project? A few minutes on the phone with Marksmen can save you countless hours and put you ahead of the game.