Mind the Brand with Ken Taylor

Protecting your brand in the digital age can be a challenge. Take a few tips from our founder Ken Taylor, who discussed the topic at the MARQUES conference in Austria last fall.
1. Make a plan. Some of the biggest brands in the world spent half a million dollars last year alone on brand protection so start with a budget that fits your goals. Most importantly, be willing to adapt to the changing world around your brand and consumers.
2. Have a cross-functional team. Successful internal brand protection happens when the entire company is working together. From the CEO and Marketing department to the legal team, everyone should be on the same page.
3. Monitor your brand. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to access your product. You can browse social media or use the top three search engines to gather different hits (links) to sites about your brand.
4. Call in a professional. Sometimes you just need an expert. Marksmen performs pretext phone calls, product purchases, and location visits (all anonymously, of course) for clients around the world with the help of our licensed PIs and legal counsel.
5. Face the challenges. And that goes for investigators and legal teams alike. However, the impact of the infinite growth of the Internet including the deep web, new gTLDs, social media tools, and “The Internet of Things” is still to be determined.