HOW TO: Decide on a Domain Name

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Take a few tips from the domain name acquisition experts.

So you’ve got a great idea for a business, new product or you just want to create an online portfolio to showcase your photography skills; either way, you need a domain name. Take a few minutes to check out these tips from our domain acquisition experts on the topic:

Make sure you’re not infringing on an existing trademark. You can do a quick check in the trademark database at the USPTO or you may want to dig a little deeper by hiring an attorney specializing in intellectual property and/or using an investigation service. These resources can help you solidify and protect your brand name around the world.

Move beyond the dot com. With all of the new gTLDs being released these days, your domain name can be more descriptive and as specific to your industry as you like. Think .tech, .beer or .accounting. The possibilities are endless.

Keep it creative and short. Many of the brands and domain names we interact with everyday are less than 7 letters long. If your URL is too long, you risk people forgetting what the entire web address is.

Stick to the alphabet. Dont use suffix numbers or other characters in your domain name unless absolutely necessary. They’re harder to communicate and people may just forget, leading them to an irrelevant website or possibly a competitor.

Check for social media availability. You want your brand name to be consistent across all platforms of promotion including social media handles, online directories, email addresses and even auction sites. Basically any online community that requires a user name. If you find that your choice names are taken, you can contact an acquisitions expert to help negotiate them for you.

Consider derivatives across all platforms. Depending on the purpose of your brand or website, you should think about buying up alternate spellings to control your brand reputation and how your site is found (in case there are some confused searchers). For instance, you can buy up several spellings of your domain name and have them all redirect back to your main site.

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