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Marksmen was founded in 1998 by Ken Taylor, Jason Tirado and Mark Doerr with the backing of an insightful team of business and industry experts. Standing the test of time, Marksmen has become a recognized leader in intellectual property related investigations, domain name acquisition and sales, online brand monitoring and other IP protection services. With offices in Southern California, North Carolina and Washington, as well as a global network of trusted investigators and agents, Marksmen is able to extend the reach of its IP protection services to virtually anywhere in the world.

The continued trust that clients place in Marksmen is not taken lightly. Companies and law firms from around the globe have come to rely on our industry expertise, proprietary techniques, effective use of technology (and a certain bit of charm) for their brand protection needs. Having conducted over 80,000 global IP investigations, Marksmen focuses on the needs of our customers and delivers high quality information quickly, completely and reliably.