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Marksmen has thousands of domain name acquisitions and success stories, featuring a team of domain acquisition experts who negotiate for the domain you need competently and successfully while keeping your identity a secret and costs as low as possible.

We have negotiated for domain names (and trademarks and patents) under almost every imaginable circumstance: on the eleventh hour of an M&A, after packaging has been printed, days before the Academy Awards® or the Super Bowl® and even after prominent public announcements. Our analysts are experts at domain name acquisitions. We know pressure and how to deliver.

We purchase domain names as defensive registrations, quietly acquire domains when IP rights can’t be leveraged, recover names that have been dropped by error, bid on them at live and online auctions, pluck them out of bankruptcy proceedings, grab them for and from venture capitalists and close deals in many foreign lands using whatever language is required.

Domain name acquisitions are billed at an hourly rate. Contact us by web or phone if you would like to learn more about Marksmen’s domain name acquisitions services.