5 Things To Do In Orlando (That Have Nothing To Do With Amusement Parks)

Photo: Songquan Deng / Shutterstock, Inc.

Photo: Songquan Deng / Shutterstock, Inc.

We’re about to head down to sunny Orlando for the 138th INTA Annual Meeting. Want to check out some local flavor while you’re in the area? Here is the Marksmen top 5 things to do in Orlando that have nothing to do with amusement parks:

1. Hit the Church Street Market. Historic cobblestone streets, wrought iron balconies — the whole shebang. Great restaurants and bars to boot, including the James Beard nom, Rusty Spoon. Definitely worth it.

2. NYC has Little Italy, SFO has Chinatown, Orlando? Little Vietnam. Thousands of Vietnamese war refugees settled here back in the early 1970s and established authentic restaurants, gift shops, and markets that make up the Mills 50 District. Go!

3. Swanky, speakeasy, cocktails. Sound good? Get your prescription filled at The Pharmacy. Its unexpected elevator door transports you to a wonder bar full of homemade specialty cocktails made from house tonics and elixirs. Very chill.

4. Get above it all in a hang-glider. Check out Wallaby Ranch, the first full-time aerotow hang gliding flight park in the world. First timer you say? No worries, a certified instructor will be on hand to help you make your virgin voyage.

5. Or you could just go to Venice – right up the road in Winter Park by taking a Kayak tour to check out the canals of Winter Park. Built a hundred years ago to connect the many lakes in the region, the canals are an oasis of cypress, ferns and bamboo. Zen times ten.

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