Trademark Investigations

Marksmen is the recognized world leader for trademark investigations. Our expertise has been tapped over 65,000 times by 75 of the Fortune® 100 companies and their outside counsel to help provide certainty as to existing trademark use prior to a brand being launched or to gather solid evidence to put a stop to trademark infringement.

IP and Domain Acquisition

With more than 13,000 successful IP transactions, Marksmen is the go-to firm for worldwide brand owners who need domain acquisition services or want to acquire premium brand assets while keeping their identity and costs on the down low.

Additional IP Investigations

Marksmen is synonymous with a range of other intellectual property investigations as well. We help determine copyright ownership or infringement, locate prior art, provide patent litigation support and track down counterfeit or gray market goods.

Online Brand Protection and Monitoring

eBeagle® by Marksmen is a premier online brand protection service that doggedly monitors content on the Internet and sniffs out trademark misuse, copyright infringement and brand abuse.

Marksmen Specialties

Our specialties include worldwide trademark in-use investigation, evidence gathering for the enforcement of trademark rights, negotiating anonymously for domain acquisitions, trademarks, trade names, common law rights, patent rights or licensing agreements, private domain brokering and monitoring the Internet for trademark infringement in text, images and multi-media.